Ordering taxi in Athens is very convenient and cost effective. Prices in comparison with Europe are cheaper. Taxi automobiles in Athens are of yellow color; number plate is also yellow and on the rooftop there’s traditional cap in 2 languages: TAXI or ΤΑΞΙ. Inside our taxi cars there are: counters, machine for the bills, price-list in a prominent place in Greek and English languages; Also, there’s license with driver’s photo and his personal data. After each trip the driver gives you a bill with the price, including VAT, and data of the car.

In Athens you should specify to the driver not only the name of the street and the house, but the area as well. The reason: the same address can be simultaneously in several areas in Greece.

Order our taxi and you won’t have to wait in a 50 m queue!

Also, we are ready to serve not only individuals but legal entities as well.

Our company is ready and what’s more, happy to cooperate with different companies and organizations.

Our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and free Wifi, drivers speak English and Russian languages. All of them are high class professionals. We work for you and our goal is to provide you with maximum possible comfort.

Come to Greece and our company will help you fall in love with this incomparable, heavenly country!