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An exceptional chauffeur service adds an extra dimension of comfort and luxury to business travel. But how do you know whether you are dealing with a quality chauffeur company? In this article, we answer the question ‘what is a taxi driver’, dispel some of the myths regarding chauffeurs vs drivers, and take a look at the top 10 qualities of an exceptional taxi driver.

What is a taxi driver?

First, let’s start with defining a taxi driver. A taxi driver is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle such as a Luxury or Executive Sedan or perhaps even a larger vehicle for bigger groups. While chauffeurs are often depicted in the media as exclusively for the rich and the famous, modern chauffeur services in Greece are quite affordable and enjoyed by many business travellers and organisations.

Chauffeur vs driver: What is the difference?

‘Chauffeur’ is more than just a fancy way to say ‘driver’. While a driver’s job is simply to drive you from point A to point B, a chauffeur goes above and beyond to make your journey a pleasant experience: demonstrating the utmost professionalism and discretion, delivering you to your destination smoothly and on time, offering helpful advice for your journey, and more.

What To Look For In A Chauffeur Service

#1 Exceptional customer service

Offering the perfect balance of friendliness and formal respect, a professional chauffeur will deliver you to your new location safely and with an incredible level of professionalism. If you want first-class customer service, this is the way to go. Your chauffeur will open the door for you. If you need help orienting to your new location, he’ll recommend the best places or act as your guide, providing accurate, helpful advice. He’ll carry your luggage. He’ll expertly take the best routes to deliver you to your meeting on time. He’ll be happy to take the scenic route so you can bask in the local sights, or he’ll offer convenient door to door airport transfers so you can get where you need to be without stress.

#2 Top-notch safety

A chauffeur driver has excellent driving skills. Since our clients’ safety is our top priority at Hughes Limousines, our chauffeurs are extensively trained in driving safety and defensive driving. With a chauffeur service, safety records should be impeccable.

Your chauffeur should have an expert understanding of how to operate each vehicle to ensure maximum safety and comfort for passengers. Take the time to inspect the service’s fleet and staff and feel empowered to ask questions about safety. Inquire about their safety standards and vehicle safety records. If the company hesitates to share that information, it may be best to avoid them. You want a service that prioritises your safety, after all.

#3 Courtesy

You can expect to be treated with respect and courtesy as a part of your experience with a professional chauffeur driver. Enjoy the pampering of having a chauffeur open and close your car door. If you are arriving from or travelling to the airport, an Athens VIP Taxi chauffeur will assist you with loading and unloading your baggage to make your travelling experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

#4 A flawlessly professional service

Shabby or unprofessional clothing may be a sign that your driving service lacks professionalism. A high-quality chauffeur takes pride in his presentation with a crisp, clean uniform and carries himself with dignity.

#5 High-quality well-maintained vehicles

When it comes to choosing a transportation company, you want to consider the quality of their fleet. What vehicles do they offer? Are they meticulously clean and well-maintained? Do they meet safety regulations? Are they up-to-date, modern and comfortably stocked with amenities? Ideally, you want your professional chauffeur to drive a vehicle that suits the nature of your event or business.

#6 Punctuality

When you hire a taxi driver or arrange last-minute transportation, this adds stress that you may not reach your destination on time. After all, if you’re travelling to a dinner reservation or an important business meeting, you cannot afford to be late!

A high-quality chauffeur is time-conscious and punctual. They will arrive early and ensure that the chauffeured vehicle is waiting at the pickup spot as soon as you are ready to go.

#7 Respects privacy

A chauffeur understands the importance of maximising work time while travelling and will happily provide you with a quiet working space. A chauffeur is discreet, trustworthy and understands the importance of protecting and respecting your privacy. If you need to take a private phone call in the back of the car, rest assured, that phone call will stay private.

#8 Provides local insights

A chauffeur has in-depth knowledge of the local scene. They can even provide insights into the best local places to eat and must-see tourist destinations to visit.

#9 Affordability

Many people mistakenly believe chauffeur services are costly and out of their price range. Chauffeurs can be extremely affordable, especially if you are travelling with a group and when compared to the cost and stress of waiting for a taxi or app-ordered service to arrive. Instead of worrying about insurance, petrol costs, tolls or parking, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride.

#10 Style

Especially for big corporate events, a chauffeur service can add a level of polish and style that you simply can’t get from pulling up in an ordinary car. If you’re a business owner, picking up your clients or partners in a chauffeured car is a sure way to impress them, demonstrate your company’s attention to detail and show commitment to service excellence. Ultimately, this establishes a solid, trustworthy foundation to conduct future business.

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